This is Second adition of Jaipur Technical fest initiated by the Club First as one of the biggest event of INDIA with a huge team of creative and practical persons with vibrant ideas.
ISLE (Indian Society of Lighting Engineers), ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Engineers) & CLUB FIRST has great pleasure in presenting the Jaipur Technical Festival 2015, at Amroodon Ka Bagh, Jaipur, India, during 20th -22nd Feb. 2015.
OBJECTIVE: The main objective of this fest is to promote Technologies for Energy Conservation and Green Building Concept.
VISION: The Jaipur Technical Festival 2015 will organized with a view to depict the latest trends and technologies in the industry with special emphasis on renewable energy efficient products to enhance and encourage the use of renewable source of energy over the conventional sources. We have put up a platform where people from various industries can have an insight about the growing industrial trends by putting up the International fest where the uses of LEDs, CFLs, solar products, automobile, green building energy efficient products and the science and technology behind them will be elaborated.
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